Executive Summary

This Quarter has been a tough one for the WCPC as the number of COVID-19 positive personnel has dramatically increased but despite that, this center ensured that the services under its shop were properly rendered. In fact, the operations against Trafficking in Persons and Violence against women and children have been continuously conducted in spite of the threat of the CoViD-19. In addition, this center deployed huge number of its personnel to help the government in combatting the pandemic, some of them were sent to RSSF and to MRF, respectively. Further, this center actively participated in various trainings and lectures through webinars to enhance the skills of its personnel wherein 11 of those trainings were PNP assisted while 2 were foreign assisted.. Also, this center had conducted trainings and seminars and actively managing its social-media accounts as its proactive approach to eradicate, or least, to minimize trafficking in persons and violence against women and children.


Throughout this period, the WCPC has attended a total of 292 meetings and conferences within the PNP and other agencies/organization. Further, most of its personnel had undergone the trainings it offers where it achieved satisfactory percentage of 92.59%, 91.53% and 79.89% for CICL, BTIP and WCPD Specialized Course, respectively. Also, it successfully conducted 18 Rescue and Entrapment Operations from which 16 suspects were arrested and 4 remained at-large and 87 victims were rescued.


This Center ensures that all logistical programs are aligned towards the  attainment of the Center’s mission, vision and functions as it aims to ensure safety of the community against Trafficking in Persons (TIP)  and Violence against Women and Children (VAWC) by improving crime prevention, crime solution and crime clearance efficiency of TIP and VAWC cases through strengthening linkages with partners; operationalizing the Headquarters and Field Units; optimizing the utilization of logistics and financial resources and many others. The Center envisions the modernization of its facilities and digital equipment in order to effectively and efficiently accomplish its major deliverables. With the active supports of PNP Hierarchy and WCPC Advisory Council this Center has been a recipient of numerous donation grants of office equipment which can help to improve the services given by this Center.





On January 7, 2021 at about 9:00 AM, Pat Florida Roxanne B and Pat Clemencio Angelica S Therese, ATIPD personnel, under the supervision of PCOL MARIA SHEILA T PORTENTO C, ATIPD attended the three day Webinar Series on Handling and Investigating Labor Trafficking Cases of OFW's at ATIPD office, Camp Crame, Quezon City.


 On January 8, 2021 at about 9:10 AM, PCOL MARIA SHEILA T PORTENTO, C, ATIPD conducted lecture to the new patrolmen/women of the WCPC re Orientation of the ATIPD at the 4th floor PNPTS Bldg., Camp Crame, Quezon City